Thousands of drivers are tested for alcohol

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THOUSANDS of motorists have been breathalysed so far as part of a crackdown on drink-driving.

Figures reveal 2,082 drivers across the region have been tested for booze by police since the start of the month, with 15 arrests being made.

It was found seven had drugs in their system and one motorist was found to be six times over the limit.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the start of the national drink-driving campaign and Hampshire police have once again been carrying out drink and drug operations.

Extra patrols have been carried out specifically designed to breath test and educate drivers, and intelligence-led operations to catch offenders are being staged.

Every driver involved in a collision is also being breathalysed as a matter of course.

A total of 22,231 people were breath-tested in Hampshire and Isle of Wight during 2013.

Nationally, year on year, the number of breath tests conducted by officers has increased and the number of positive breath tests has decreased. Police are asking people to call 101 if they see someone who they think is drunk behind the wheel.