Thug hurts puppy and punches woman in row

Carol Plumbly, head kennel assistant at Portsmouth Stray Dog Kennels.
Carol Plumbly, head kennel assistant at Portsmouth Stray Dog Kennels.

‘It’s better to be safe’ police tell the public

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A THUG who was annoyed at having to pay to get his lost dog out of the pound stole another animal in revenge and then punched a woman who tried to stop him.

Thomas Skae and his friends had gone to the Portsmouth Stray Dog Kennels in Limberline Spur, Hilsea, looking for their Staffordshire bull terrier Fat Boy.

When Carol Plumbly told the 21-year-old he would have to pay he started shouting and swearing.

After Miss Plumbly, who runs the kennels, threatened to call the police Skae broke into her van and stole her chihuahua puppy Lula.

Miss Plumbly said: ‘I heard my dog barking in distress and then I saw he had her. He just smirked and said “now you know what it’s like to have your dog stolen” and held her above his head.

‘I begged him to give her back and he threw her with such force on to the floor that she slammed on the ground and ran off.’

A friend of Miss Plumbly’s, Michaela Shaw, who was visiting the kennels, remonstrated with Skae but he punched her in the face and walked off.

‘I was in tears, devastated,’ Miss Plumbly said. ‘It was total chaos.

‘Nothing like this happened before and it’s affected me quite a lot.’

Skae was caught by a passing member of the public who held on to him until the police arrived.

The missing dog was found on the streets without a collar on October 28. The £39 fee was a standard payment that included a fine and an overnight charge.

Skae, of Livesay Gardens, Milton, Portsmouth, pleaded guilty to assault, causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and criminal damage when he appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.

He pleaded guilty to a public order offence, criminal damage and two counts of assault following a separate incident at Portsmouth & Southsea railway station.

On that occasion he caused £1,000 worth of damage to a moped before assaulting the owner and another man.

Magistrates jailed him for six months.

PC Richard Laycock said: ‘This was a despicable crime. He left a female worker in fear to do her job and they do a lot of good work that goes unnoticed.

‘It’s a positive result that he has gone to prison. A wrap on the knuckles would not have been enough.’