Timeline of the search for Kieran Smith

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Here is the timeline of events leading up to the discovery of Kieran Smith’s body.

Friends and family paid tribute to the missing Fareham man after his body was found yesterday.

Monday, March 9: Kieran is talked down by police from a 90ft pylon in Roebuck Close, Cosham. He is taken back to his home in Harcourt Road, Fareham, where he lives with his mother Linda and stepfather Howard.

Tuesday, March 10: Kieran leaves the family home just after midday, taking with him no bank cards, ID and a very small amount of money.

Tuesday, March 10: Kieran is spotted in the afternoon walking up Ranvilles Lane, headed towards the Stubbington Ark.

Tuesday, March 10: Kieran’s mobile phone transmits its last signal from Ranvilles Lane.

Wednesday, March 11: Two Facebook groups are set up by family and friends who are desperate to find Kieran.

Thursday, March 12: Two sightings of Kieran are reported - one at Asda in Newgate Lane and the other at the Crown Inn, in West Street, Fareham - but these turn out to be false.

Friday, March 13: Kieran’s family makes an emotional plea in The News for people to help find him.

Friday, March 13: Friends search woodland such as the Gillies and Fort Fareham in the hope of finding any signs of Kieran.

Saturday, March 14: Posters are put up in Fareham, Portsmouth, Gosport and Southampton appealing for information.

Sunday, March 15: Mum Linda makes a heartbreaking plea for Kieran to get in touch on Mothering Sunday.

Sunday, March 15: Sick trolls target the Facebook accounts, saying they have seen Kieran – claims which turn out to be untrue – and making threats and saying obscenities.

Tuesday, March 17: Concerns grow for Kieran as his hearing aid would have run out of battery by now; as he is deaf in the other ear, this means that he would be deaf.

Wednesday, March 23: Kieran’s family criticise the police over delays at the start of the investigation, which they say could have helped to find Kieran.

Thursday, March 24: Distraught mum Linda holds a press conference at the spot where Kieran was last seen.

Wednesday, April 8: Detectives involved in the search for Kieran Smith are called to Ranvilles Lane after an electricity worker cutting down trees discovers a body.