Top lawyer shocked that people charged with rape are being allowed to dodge court

Portsmouth Crown Court. Picture: Csar Moreno Huerta
Portsmouth Crown Court. Picture: Csar Moreno Huerta
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ONE of Britain’s top lawyers has raised their concerns about the use of community resolutions to deal with serious offences.

Chris Henley QC, chairman of the Criminal Bar Association, was worried about how more forces were using the orders to deal with crimes like robbery, kidnapping and sexual offences.

‘This shouldn't be happening,’ he said. ‘These cases should be resolved formally in a courtroom. It is incredible that someone who admits committing an offence of rape receives what amounts to little more than a warning.

‘It is unsurprising that offenders arrested for serious crime leap at the offer of an informal community resolution order (CRO).

‘Sadly, this is all about a lack of resources, that the police and CPS are struggling to cope with the consequences of years of savage cuts.

‘The number of CROs issued in serious cases has increased significantly as funding has fallen dramatically. This lets down both the current and future victims of serious crime.’