Torture pair are jailed for 10 years over brutal attack

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CCTV released to help find missing man

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TWO attackers left a man a ‘gibbering wreck’ after torturing him in what a judge called a ‘field day of violence’.

Dane Perkins and James Champion kicked, stamped on, punched, and burnt their victim with an iron in an attack lasting an hour and 20 minutes.

He was tied up, had a plastic bag put over his head and was submerged in a bath full of water, dangled over a balcony and told he would be killed.

Champion, 27, had been out of prison for two weeks when the brutal attack took place in the early hours.

Meanwhile Dane Perkins, who was serving an indeterminate sentence at the time, was out of prison for the weekend when they subjected their victim to the assault.

The court was told the pair had gone round to Perkins’ brother Cole’s flat and launched their attack, believing that the victim had stolen his wallet.

But their defence said they feared the victim was giving Cole drugs.

Perkins, 26, had been in jail for about six years but could have been released last Christmas.

Instead he has now been sentenced to another five years for this attack and will have to persuade a parole board that he is no longer dangerous before being allowed back on the streets.

Champion, of Chandos Rise, Portsmouth, was jailed for five years with a new extended sentence of two years on licence on his release.

Both men were convicted of making a threat to kill, actual bodily harm and false imprisonment following a trial at Winchester Crown Court.

They were each cleared of theft relating to the attack on August 31 last year.

Champion was found not guilty of assault by penetration and sexual assault.

Judge Guy Boney QC, sentencing, said: ‘The result was that the two of you went straight round to the flat and a field day of violence followed.’

Judge Boney said the victim was subjected to violence which ended up with him turning up at a newsagents near the James Close flat in Gosport, afraid to tell the truth about what had happened to him because the pair had threatened him, his girlfriend and his grandmother if he did.