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A MARKET trader was ordered to pay out £500 by a court after selling fake trademarked phone cases.

Jason Gorringe, 50, from Portsmouth, pleaded guilty to 13 breaches of selling trade marked goods without consent at Worthing Magistrates’ Court.

Gorringe had been selling the phone cases at Fontwell market in West Sussex. They were marked with logos from Disney, Nintendo, Hello Kitty and various football clubs.

Gorringe said he had bought the goods online from China and was not aware it was illegal.

He said: ‘I just thought I was doing a service. I had no idea I was doing anything wrong.

‘I have never been to court before or anything like that. I’m in normal full-time employment from Monday to Saturday, and it was just something we did on a Sunday to save money for a family holiday.’

Gorringe was given a conditional discharge for two years, but warned him he could still be sentenced if he committed any further offences. He was ordered to pay £500 in costs.