Travellers invade area near A27 walkway

CAMP Travellers parked in a layby on the A259, Emsworth.
CAMP Travellers parked in a layby on the A259, Emsworth.

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TRAVELLERS have caused fury after setting up camp in an area used by scores of cyclists and walkers every day.

Ten caravans and two vehicles moved on to a layby off the A259, Havant Road, in Emsworth.

The layby leads down to an underpass beneath the A27.

The same spot was invaded last summer and the travellers stayed for almost a fortnight before being evicted.

Emsworth Councillor Brendan Gibb-Gray said: ‘Again they have broken into the site.

‘My own personal view is that the police should take urgent action and move them on.

‘They left a huge amount of rubbish and litter and no doubt it’s going to be the same this time.

‘This is not the first time it’s happened and it’s not going to be the last.

‘In the meantime, people can’t use the throughway – cyclists are a bit intimidated, walkers certainly.’

Officers from Havant Borough Council, working on behalf of Hampshire County Council Highways, have visited the site and are now waiting for a court eviction order.

A spokeswoman explained that because the area was classified as a highway the police could not use their powers to forcibly evict the group.