Travellers leave Portsmouth site after eviction threat

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TRAVELLERS have left a car park in a business complex after they were given an eviction notice.

Four vehicles, including two caravans, moved into Lakeside, North Harbour, on Tuesday night.

Police were called and returned with bailiffs who presented the travellers with an eviction notice at 11.30am yesterday.

They were given 24 hours to vacate the property.

Inspector Jill Kingston, from Portsmouth police, said: ‘Travellers arrived on the private property on Tuesday night.

‘The landlord of Lakeside called police who came back with bailiffs in the morning.

‘The bailiffs issued them with an eviction notice and our presence at Lakeside yesterday morning was for support.

‘We are not expecting any issues with them moving.

‘But we will have a bigger police presence in the area to prevent it happening again.’

The route into the offices at 1000 Lakeside was cordoned off to prevent more travellers entering the car park.