Travellers leave trail of rubbish at the roadside

Drink-driver fined £80 and is banned

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AUTHORITIES are being urged tighten up rules on travellers after a group left behind a trail of mess near a Widley pub.

The six vehicles camped out on Portsdown Hill Road for the night on Wednesday.

They were ordered to leave at around 12.15pm yesterday when Portsmouth City Council handed them an eviction notice.

But their stay has provoked anger because they left behind four bags of rubbish by advertising signs off the road.

The whereabouts of the travellers now is unknown.

Sandy Hall, 52, a barmaid at The George Inn, saw the travellers as she arrived at work at 10.30am.

‘It wasn’t a nice thing to see,’ she said.

‘The caravans and lorries were spoiling the views of Portsmouth which are normally beautiful from up here.

‘They left bags of rubbish behind and we’re not happy about it. We certainly won’t be cleaning it up.

‘There were a couple of customers in that morning but they didn’t say anything about it.

‘This isn’t the first time we’ve had travellers near us.

‘I hope this is going to be the last time.

‘The authorities need to do something about it.

‘I know travellers have to go somewhere but they definitely chose the wrong place coming here.’

A spokeswoman for Hampshire police said: ‘I can confirm that a group of travellers left Portsdown Hill Road at 12.15pm yesterday.

‘The city council had served them with an eviction notice.

‘We were contacted and made sure there were no problems with behaviour.

‘Thankfully, everything was in order.

‘It is unknown where they are now.’

This latest incident comes after 12 caravans and several vehicles pitched up on Millennium Meadow, the home of West Wittering Cricket Club.

And they were given their marching orders from Bosham Recreation Ground, the home of Bosham FC, on Monday, August 6.

Bosham Parish Council, which owns the land, was left with a huge clean-up job after the travellers left.