Travellers set up camp near holiday resort

Portsmouth Magistrates' Court

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TRAVELLERS set up camp near a holiday resort as they stayed one step ahead of the authorities.

A group of seven caravans invaded a farmer’s field off Havant Road on Hayling Island – next to the access road to Mill Rythe Holiday Village.

The travellers drove on to the land on Thursday evening after leaving the seafront car park near Seagrove Avenue.

They left just hours before Havant Borough Council was due to give them their marching orders after going to the courts.

But police last night said the caravans had moved off the field. Officers said they did not know where the travellers were going next.

The council has now obtained a three-month possession order on the seafront car park. It means travellers can be moved immediately if they return.

Hayling Councillor Leah Turner said the travellers’ movements showed they were aware of the law.

She said: ‘We don’t bend the law.

‘The law is that what they have done is trespass.

‘They seem to know the law very well and know what the council can and can’t do.’

But she said the travellers had left the car park clean and had even paid for tickets for the duration of their stay.