Treatment led to death of popular Portsmouth hairdresser

Dan Evelyn-Foot
Dan Evelyn-Foot
  • Dan Evelyn-Foot died at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham
  • The popular musician and hairdresser suffered from colitis
  • A coroner found his death was due to complications from his treatment
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DESPITE the best efforts of his consulting surgeon, the death of a popular hairdresser and musician was caused by the drugs that should have saved him, a coroner has ruled.

Dan Evelyn-Foot died on February 27 at Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham after an organ collapse brought on by pneumonia, which was in turn caused by the treatment he was having for colitis.

The surgery was done as an emergency measure

Jim Khan

The popular 34-year-old who lived in Southsea had been admitted to QA about five weeks before because of his condition.

He had treatment with steroids, and when those failed, with a drug called Infliximab.

When this was also found not to be working, he underwent an operation called a subtotal colectomy, where a large part of his bowel was removed.

Mr Evelyn-Foot’s condition then improved briefly, but he died five days after the operation.

During an hearing at Portsmouth Coroner’s Court, coroner David Horsley heard the treatment left Mr Evelyn-Foot vulnerable to fungal pneumonia.

Mr Horsley said: ‘He died as a result of immune supplement therapy.’

Consultant surgeon Jim Khan, who treated Mr Evelyn-Foot, said the treatment left him with almost no immunity to help protect him from the pneumonia.

He said: ‘It got to a point where we were unable to carry on with the medical treatment and the surgery was done as an emergency measure.’

Mr Evelyn-Foot’s mother, Barbara Foot, asked at the inquest if he could have caught the pneumonia from somebody else at the hospital.

Mrs Foot said he was placed next to man in his 90s who also had pneumonia.

But Mr Khan said the fungal pneumonia was not the kind which could be transmitted through the air, and if Mr Evelyn-Foot had been at risk of that he would been placed in isolation.

Mr Horsley agreed, and said: ‘I don’t think it’s likely that he has caught it off anybody else.’

Mrs Foot said the family wanted to thank Mr Khan for doing all he could to save her son.

‘I just want to say thank you to this man,’ she said.

Mr Evelyn-Foot, a guitarist, had played with stars such as Natasha Bedingfield on Top of the Pops.

He moved to Southsea after marrying his wife Jess five-and-a-half years ago and worked at Head Hairdressers.