Trio jailed for shocking rape of woman in Portsmouth

THREE men have been jailed for raping a young woman so terrified she froze as they attacked her in a darkened room.

Monday, 15th August 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:36 pm
Amizion Rosario

The two brothers and their cousin attacked the woman, who cannot be named, when she was convinced to go to their house in Hilsea Crescent, Hilsea.

After the shocking ordeal the woman fled but was brought back from the street by a relative of the men and was told to shower and that nothing bad happened.

Amizion Rosario, 26, Wyslander Rosario, 27, and Raniur Marques, 23, held hands as they were jailed at Portsmouth Crown Court while their families broke down, wept and threw themselves to the floor outside the court praying.

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From left: Amizion Rosario, Wyslander Rosario and Raniur Marques leaving Portsmouth Magistrates Court after a previous hearing

In a video played during the trial the victim told how Wyslander Rosario – known as Baby G – raped her first, before he was followed by his younger brother and their cousin Marques.

The victim said: ‘He started to kiss me, he then turned me and bent me over.

‘Then – I don’t remember saying get off, get off, I literally let it happen – he pulled my leggings down.’

She said another man then stood in front of her and raped her. She added: ‘I thought “what was going on?” I couldn’t believe what was happening. I didn’t understand why I didn’t react at all, I’m not sure how many people were in the room. People were coming in and out.’

Wyslander Rosario

At one point she saw a bright light and feared someone was recording the rape.

‘I started being sick whilst it was happening probably because I was very drunk (and what was happening),’ she added in her video statement.

Eventually the victim was able to leave and returned home sobbing.

Sentencing the men, the judge said: ‘I believe you each realised that she was so drunk that you might be able to have sex with her whether or not she wanted it, and that’s what happened.’

Raniur Marques

He said the trio were determined to have their way with her and that a fourth man involved has never been caught.

Judge Hetherington added: ‘When finally she felt able to get out of the room and the house, in a sinister (incident) members of your family or group brought her back into the house and persuaded her that nothing bad really happened and put her in a shower.’

The judge revealed the victim becomes hysterical near black people, has an anxiety about showers, suffers flashbacks, and has become less sociable.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Matt Gamblen said the investigation into the 2014 crime lasted 18 months.

From left: Amizion Rosario, Wyslander Rosario and Raniur Marques leaving Portsmouth Magistrates Court after a previous hearing

He said: ‘I hope this result gives closure for the victim for what has been a very emotional ordeal.’

Dad-of-one Amizion Rosario, of Hilsea Crescent, Portsmouth, was jailed for eight years. Pierce Power said his client did not commit activity alleged in one rape but the victim consented to activity.

Wyslander Rosario, of Hilsea Crescent, was jailed for eight years. David Reid, defending, said the dad-of-one said some activity was consensual and he was not part of a joint enterprise rape.

Raniur Marques, of North End Avenue, North End, was jailed for a reduced seven years due to his age. Jodie Mittell, for him, said he accepted having sex with her once adding: ‘At all times he will say she was consenting to that.’

All were found guilty of two counts of rape after an eight-day trial.

They must sign the sex offenders’ register for life.

Wyslander Rosario
Raniur Marques