Trio’s reign of terror over Fareham shoppers ends as they get Asbos

(l-r) Paul Box, Krystal Geary and Daniel Gregory
(l-r) Paul Box, Krystal Geary and Daniel Gregory
A Scas ambulance

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THREE troublemakers have been banned from Fareham town centre after each receiving antisocial behaviour orders.

Shoppers can breathe a sigh of relief after their reign of disruptive behaviour landed the trio in court.

They terrorised shoppers for months by swearing, shouting abuse, begging and using threatening behaviour.

Two of the three, Krystal Geary, 23, and Daniel Gregory, 22, both of no fixed abode, were often seen in West Street, cycling on pavements, using profanities and causing trouble in charity shops.

The other man Paul Box also of no fixed abode, was spotted drinking and injecting drugs, and exposing himself.

Businesses in the town centre have said they are relieved to see the three banned as they often upset and intimidated customers.

Fareham Shopping Centre manager Mike Taylor said: ‘Our primary aim is to provide a safe shopping environment for our customers and to protect our businesses, therefore the fact these three now have Asbos means that hopefully we will be more tranquil.

‘We will keep our eyes open and support the police to keep Fareham as peaceful as it possibly can be.’

Geary and Gregory had both been living on the streets in Fareham since the end of last year.

The two, who are in a relationship, had both left their family homes in Gosport and Southampton due to family issues and had taken to sleeping rough in multi-storey car parks in the town centre.

They were each handed a two-year Asbo preventing them from entering the town centre, engaging in any conduct which causes harassment, alarm or distress, including, shouting, swearing, spitting, verbal abuse and threatening and aggressive behaviour or by inciting, aiding and abetting or encouraging others to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

They must also leave any business, home or shop if asked to by staff or occupiers.

And they are banned from begging and from urinating or defecating in public except in a public toilet.

Box is subject to the same terms, but he is also banned from possessing an unsealed vessel, including a container, can or bottle containing alcohol or consuming alcohol in public.

He is banned from injecting any substance in a public place and exposing himself in public.

The 33-year-old was also banned from associating with Lisa Andrews, Chloe Dornan and George Larkin.

Fareham borough councillor Trevor Cartwright, executive member for public protection, said: ‘The police, council and support groups attempted to work with them to change their behaviour voluntarily.

‘This action had to be taken to prevent the unacceptable behaviour of these individuals continuing.’

A Hampshire police spokesman has advised people to call 101 if any of the three are spotted breaching and of the conditions of their Asbos.