Tutor who stalked charity shop worker and asked former student to spy on her is jailedÂ

A top private tutor was today jailed for eight months for returning to stalk a Bishop's Waltham woman just months after he was sentenced for an obsessive campaign in which he took photos and sent letters to her work which cost her her job.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 12:31 pm
Updated Friday, 14th September 2018, 1:38 pm
Graham Steed arrives at Winchester Crown Court this morning Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency

Well-respected Graham Steed, who tutors children headed for top public schools such as Eton, sent Facebook messages to a former student 'out of the blue' asking him to go to the woman's house and take photos of the cars outside it.

A court heard the former student, named only as Joe, did as he was asked in June this year, but became suspicious after Steed told him he needed to 'check if someone was committing adultery', and reported the incident to police.

Steed, 69, was initially given a 12-month suspended sentence in February after a court heard he was spotted 'commando crawling' towards the woman while she was in her car.

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Graham Steed arrives at Winchester Crown Court this morning Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency

He stalked and harassed the charity shop worker, who had hired him to tutor her daughter, for nearly two years.

When his services were no longer required, the former maths and English school teacher became 'obsessed' with the woman.

In February, Basingstoke Magistrate's court heard Steed even hired a private investigator to follow the woman and take pictures of her and a man she was having an affair with.

He later sent the images to her husband.

Steed, a former Merchant Navy sailor, also attempted to install covert cameras in a neighbour's garden in a bid to spy on the woman.

He visited her repeatedly at the charity shop where she worked in Bishop's Waltham, despite agreeing to stay away.

Steed continued to visit the store and even asked her for a selfie with her, which she felt pressured to take, and he later sent it to her husband.

The court also heard he sent letters of complaint to her employer which eventually resulted in her being asked to leave her job.

Being sentenced the first time, at Winchester Crown Court, Steed was told his behaviour was 'strange' and 'obsessive' by Judge Jane Miller QC.

She said: '˜Many people in your character references have said this is completely out of character for you.

'˜We know you have this obsessive streak in your character.

'˜You became increasingly obsessed with this woman. You sent her a number of different notes, some of which were laminated which was really strange.'

Today, Steed appeared again at Winchester Crown Court to be sentenced for breaching the order.

Barrister Janice Brennan, prosecuting, told the court: "This court made it clear through a detailed restraining order that the defendant had to stop this obsession.

'˜While he was attending his probation sessions, it turns out he was engaging in further stalking of [the woman].

'˜He recruited a former pupil of his, a man called Joe, who out of the blue received a message on Facebook saying 'can you do me a favour'.

'˜He was asked to drive to the woman's address and take photographs, particularly of cars outside the property.

'˜If he couldn't take the photos, he was asked to report what he had seen.

'˜The defendant told Joe he wanted to know if someone was committing adultery.

'˜Joe had not heard from the defendant for six years, only for him to get in touch with him to do his dirty work.'

Ms Brennan read out a victim impact from the woman, which she gave in July this year.

It said: '˜I'm concerned about this happening to other families. Educators might be fooled by this seemingly likeable man.

'˜I have been jumpy, I am now terrified of white cars [like the one he drove].

'˜I have lost 8lbs in weight. I am scared to open the shop in the morning because I am terrified he might turn up like he used to.

'˜It seems to me he thinks he is invincible and can't be touched because of his previous professions. He uses his authoritative figure to play mind games.

'˜I feel very sorry for his wife and children because instead of playing the caring role he was using that time in stalking me.'

Sentencing Steed to six months of his suspended sentence, and two months for the new charge of stalking, Judge Jane Miller QC said: '˜You are now months older than you were when I sentenced you in February this year.

'˜Despite the restraining order and you knowing full well, because you are an intelligent man, the implications of what you were doing, you tasked a friend of yours to go to the woman's address and get photographs of her.

'˜You knew full well you were stalking her again. She is understandably very worried and very concerned you are at large and able to behave in this way.

'˜You are an intelligent man, you knew exactly what you were risking.

'˜Using someone else to do your stalking for you was totally underhand.

'˜The only sentence now is one of immediate imprisonment.''

Steed will be released on licence after serving half of his eight month sentence, and will pay a victim surcharge of £85.