Two boys arrested after stolen car smashes into Uber vehicle in Portsmouth

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AN UBER driver has spoken about the moment his vehicle was smashed into by a stolen car in a late-night crash in Portsmouth. 

Cosmin Dima was taking a passenger home between 12.30am and 1am on Wednesday when the crash happened. 

Mr Dima's Uber after the crash. Picture: Cosmin Dima

Mr Dima's Uber after the crash. Picture: Cosmin Dima

He explained: ‘I was driving my car up Copnor Road, these guys came from the other direction and they crashed into me. 

‘Nothing like this has happened to me before and I have been a driver for seven years. I have never seen anything like this before.’

Mr Dima, 31, who is originally from Romania but now lives in North End, then rushed to the aid of his passenger. 

He said: ‘After the crash my passenger started screaming, she had bitten her tongue and there was blood in her mouth. 

The stolen vehicle which was also involved in the crash. Picture: Cosmin Dima

The stolen vehicle which was also involved in the crash. Picture: Cosmin Dima

‘I pulled her out of the car and told her to lie down.

‘The one thing I remember is smoke and she was panicking, I just knew I wanted to get me and my passenger out of the car.’ 

He said that a number of police cars as well as other emergency services include firefighters and paramedics were called. 

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Two teenage boys, from Copnor and Southsea, have been arrested in connection with the incident and remain in custody. 

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said: ‘Officers made two arrests after a stolen vehicle was involved in a two-car collision on Copnor Road, Portsmouth, just after midnight.

‘A 16-year-old boy from Copnor and a 16-year-old boy from Southsea were arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle.

‘They remain in custody at this time. Enquiries are ongoing.’

Pictures taken by Mr Dima show the extensive damage caused to his vehicle, which he had only recently purchased. 

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He added: ‘I was with Aqua Cars for six years, then joined Uber a few months ago. I bought my car less than two months ago, it is one of those things. 

‘It is going to affect my business for a few days or weeks. I have had a talk with my insurance guy, I have got comprehensive insurance but it’s still going to take a few days. 

‘The other car was more damaged than us, I managed to swerve to the left.’