Two forces to work together in new plan

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FOCUSING on victims and public confidence are two of the measures included in a new crime-fighting plan.

Sussex Police has published its Operational Delivery Plan for 2014.

The plan has made a commitment for more joint working with neighbouring force, Surrey Police.

Giles York, temporary chief constable of Sussex, said: ‘We will be working more closely with Surrey to ensure effective and affordable services to the public into the future.

‘The force is focused on cutting crime, catching criminals, protecting vulnerable people and places.

‘And we must do this with honesty and integrity, with everyone who works with Sussex Police consistently displaying the highest ethical standards. My job is to make sure we deliver.’

The plan is an updated version of the report produced last year by Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne.

She said: ‘The measures and objectives within each of the priority areas have been updated to ensure that they continue to accurately reflect the expectations of the public. The plan continues to be a living document and will remain under constant review.’