Unprovoked attack in his own home left Gosport man off work for six weeks

Cheltenham Road. Picture: Google Maps

Man, 27, arrested after house burglary investigation

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A VICIOUS attacker has been jailed for an unprovoked assault which left his victim signed off work for six weeks.

Drunken Nathan Davis launched the attack on 62-year-old lollipop man Michael Clements after being invited into his victim’s home.

Davis, 25, of no fixed address, had been drinking all day before the assault on October 24 last year.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard how Mr Clements asked his stepdaughter Sandy and Davis, who was her boyfriend, into his home in Chilworth Grove, Gosport.

After Mr Clements’s stepdaughter went upstairs to use the toilet, Davis struck – kicking and punching his victim leaving him battered and bruised with injuries to his head and ribs.

In a letter read out in court, Mr Clements said: ‘I was kicked, punched and headbutted.

‘I experienced so much pain in my upper body that I collapsed.

‘My daughter had to drive me to hospital.

‘I was signed off from work for six weeks.

‘The pain and discomfort was considerable.

‘I had difficulty moving and getting about until I had time to heal.

‘I feel unsafe in my own home.

‘I feel disgusted that he could carry out such an unprovoked attack on me.’

Judge Nigel Lickley QC, sentencing Davis, said that drinking to excess had been a major factor.

‘You are somebody who has a problem with alcohol’ she said.

‘From time to time your alcohol consumption makes you violent.

‘Mr Clements through the kindness of his heart allowed you into his home on October 24 because it was raining.

‘You kicked him and punched him and had beaten him. He was hanging on to you to stop you attacking him. He was signed off work for six weeks.

‘He had difficulty getting about. You attacked this man in his own home.

‘He has tried to avoid you since that event but you have tried to talk to him. He said he feels unsafe in his own home.

‘That’s a dreadful thing for anybody to experience.

‘You had no recollection because you were so drunk.’

Davis, 25, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to nine months in prison, alongside a one-month sentence for shoplifting on Boxing Day last year.