UPDATE: Witness describes ‘dramatic’ police chase after man detained in Paulsgrove operation

The scene in Paulsgrove
The scene in Paulsgrove
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A witness has described a dramatic police chase after a man was detained by police following an operation in Paulsgrove this afternoon.

Lorraine Pereira, of Edwards Close, Paulsgrove, said she watched a police officer chase and handcuff a man after questioning him in Collington Crescent shortly before 3.30pm.

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said a man was being interviewed under caution by officers after his car was stopped in the street.

He added that the man was now being questioned in relation to theft offences and that his car had been taken away by police.

Ms Pereira told The News: ‘It was very dramatic.

‘I was sat in my car and watched this man talking to police by his car.

‘They were talking for a few minutes and then the man started walking away so an officer got out and that’s when the man started running.

‘He started running down the close trying to get to Hempsted Road but there must have been an officer on the other side as he stopped and started running back which was when the officer caught him.

‘I watched them handcuff him and put him in the back of a car.

‘It was crazy to watch as something like that never really happens here.’

She added that she spotted ‘about seven police cars’ in the area during the afternoon.

The News readers contacted us on Facebook to say police were in Collington Crescent and that an officer had been spotted walking a police dog in Paulsgrove Park.

Another witness said that police were taking away a car from the scene.