Van warns people of the ‘fatal four’ reasons for road deaths

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A VAN warning people of the fatal four reasons why people die on the roads will be used by police.

Hampshire Constabulary has been given a Peugeot Expert van which has been adorned with images of road signs warning of speed, mobile phone use, not wearing a seat belt and alcohol or drug use.

The four are the most common reasons for people dying or becoming seriously injured.

Hampshire Constabulary’s road safety officer Sergeant Rob Heard said: ‘I have been at far too many collisions where these four have been a factor in the collision.

‘Many people have lost their lives unnecessary, causing heartache, and destroying families. Our key message is that “it’s not worth the risk”.

‘The design of the van is powerful and when people see this vehicle, I want it to remind them of the risks we all face on the roads from those who speed, use their mobile phone whilst driving, fail to wear a seat belt or drink or drug-drive.

Martins Peugeot of Winchester supplied the vehicle and Portsmouth City Council and Southampton Council, the fire service and police and crime commissioner helped create the signs.

Sgt Heard added the artwork, named Project Pictogram, uses ‘nudge theory’ to influence people to change their behaviour.

The vehicle is not used on patrol. Force vehicles will soon get the signs too.