Vandal strikes while couple visit son’s grave

James Shurmer
James Shurmer
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A COUPLE have told of their upset after their car was targeted by vandals while they visited their son’s grave.

Richard Shurmer and his wife Lydia were at the grave of their son James at Milton Cemetery when they heard the smashing of glass.

Richard and Lydia Shurmer

Richard and Lydia Shurmer

They had parked their car in the cemetery, off Milton Road, and saw someone smashing their rear passenger windows.

Richard tried to run after the vandal but he got away.

The teacher, from Southsea, has called the person ‘heartless’.

He said: ‘My wife and I were visiting the grave of our son, James, who died in March last year, aged just 25.

‘We parked our car where we normally do just off the main road in the cemetery. We left the car and walked along to the other side of the main plot of land.

‘We were with our own thoughts, remembering our son and all of a sudden I heard my car alarm going off with the sound of a crash. It sounded like glass.’

Richard said that he looked towards where his car was parked and saw the lights flashing. He then saw someone standing near his car.

He made his way towards the car and saw what he believed to be a young man in dark clothes but by the time Richard got to the car, he had gone.

‘It’s awful to think that no place is sacred for some people,’ added Richard.

‘It’s just a horrible thing for someone to do especially in a cemetery where you know people will be grieving the loss of a loved one. I just want to speak to the person and ask them why they did it.’

On further investigation, Richard noticed nothing had been stolen.

‘The person did it because they could,’ he said. ‘There were no valuables on show, nothing that would attract them to the car. So why would they smash two windows?

‘It was purely a thoughtless act by someone who is heartless.’

Richard has reported the incident, which took place on January 25, to the police who are investigating.

Anyone with information should contact Aimie Picken from Southsea police station on 101.