Vandals hurl paint from Portsmouth tower block

The aftermath of a pot of paint being thrown from Edgbaston House in Portsmouth
The aftermath of a pot of paint being thrown from Edgbaston House in Portsmouth
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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VANDALS threw a pot of paint from a tower block leaving cars splattered.

Barry Thorpe was at home in his fifth-storey Portsmouth flat when he heard a loud crashing noise at 10.30pm.

The 66-year-old later looked out of his window in the 17-storey block at Edgbaston House Sedgley Close, Southsea, Portsmouth, and saw the splash where the can landed and white paint across six cars parked in the open-air car park – including his Ford Galaxy.

He and other residents then spent the evening trying to scrub the paint from their vehicles. Mr Thorpe said: ‘There was an almighty thud.

‘There’s so much noise here I didn’t take much notice, then I looked out of the window and there was paint everywhere.

‘It must have fallen from a height.

‘This has reached right across the car park, over six cars and right across the road and on to the wall on the other side of the road.

‘The paint pot was shattered completely – there was paint everywhere.

‘It cost me £15 to get my car cleaned. Mine happened to be nearest.

‘The second nearest was a little Toyota soft-top sports car. The paint shot straight across it.

‘We washed a lot of it off. There were three of four of us out there with brushes and bowls of water.

‘Fortunately it rained that night as well and the paint wasn’t particularly dry in the morning.

‘A few days ago there were eggs all over the pavement all smashed. It’s just ridiculous, some of the things that go on.’

Anyone with information about the incident on Tuesday evening should call police on 101 quoting 44140354276.