Vandals rip wipers from cars during late-night rampage through road

CROSS Tony Hicks, one of the residents of Kennedy Close in Alverstoke whose car was vandalised.     Picture: Steve Reid (111469-489)
CROSS Tony Hicks, one of the residents of Kennedy Close in Alverstoke whose car was vandalised. Picture: Steve Reid (111469-489)
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THUGS damaged cars as they went on a midnight wrecking spree in a quiet road.

Ten vehicles parked in Kennedy Crescent, Gosport, had their windscreen wipers damaged or ripped off by the vandals.

Car owners woke up to find their aerials and windscreen wipers strewn across the street.

Some of them were dumped in other people’s gardens.

Tony Hicks, 70, had the rear windscreen wiper ripped off his Toyota.

He said: ‘It’s just completely mindless.

‘I’m very pleased they didn’t damage the car at all, just the windscreen wiper at the back.

‘It was a slight shock to the senses when a policeman appeared at my door in the morning.

‘Your first thoughts always go to your family so I’m pleased in a way that it was just my car.’

The only description available says the male suspects are white and were both wearing shorts.

Julian Williams, 46, whose Vauxhall was damaged, said: ‘It’s definitely an inconvenience.

‘They have ripped out the whole mechanism as well as the wiper.

‘This road goes nowhere. It’s just a residential road, so the people that did it must have come up here for no other reason than to cause damage.

‘These days with things like eBay it doesn’t cost much to replace things, but that’s not the point.’

The residents estimate it will cost around £50 each for the replacement parts.

Mr Hicks added: ‘I know it’s not expensive but it’s just an inconvenience. As the police were taking my details I saw something in the corner of my driveway.

‘They had unscrewed my neighbour’s car aerial and just thrown it aside. It’s completely pointless.’

Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator Bob Combes, who lives in the road, said: ‘We don’t get many problems round here but we have quite an active Neighbourhood Watch.

‘We have collected the wipers and things in case any neighbours who are away on holiday want them back.

‘We try to encourage people to keep their eyes peeled and report things like this to the police.’

Police said that anyone with information about the vandalism, which happened at around 12.30am on Saturday, should contact Gosport police station on 101.

Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.