Vicious attack Leigh Park sees teenage thugs jailed

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A FATHER viciously attacked by two thugs in a drink-fuelled rage said he is pleased they have been jailed.

Anthony Wearn had been at a party in Gorley Court, Leigh Park, and was waiting outside for a taxi with his partner and other family members when Joe Wright and Charlie Nichols, both 18, launched the unprovoked assault.

Wright walked up to Mr Wearn and punched him, knocking him to the ground.

While he was on the floor cowardly Nichols stamped on his head.

The beating left Mr Wearn unconscious and he remembers nothing of the attack.

He said: ‘It was horrific. I had to miss contact with my three children due to the attack. I was hospitalised.

‘This has had a huge effect on my partner who thought I was going to die as you read about these sorts of attacks.

‘I’m glad that justice has been served and some other family is not subject to this kind of violence.’

Mr Wearn, from Leigh Park, has made a full recovery.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard last week the violence began when the thugs’ drunken friend, Tom Bennett, appeared with a bloodied face.

The pair assumed he had been attacked and went looking for revenge. Unfortunately for Mr Wearn they took it out on him and the stamp on the head by Nichols, of Stroudwood Road, Leigh Park, left the imprint of the sole of his shoe.

Nichols, who had drunk six cans of beer and a bottle of wine, admitted actual bodily harm at his first court appearance in May.

Wright of Heywood Gardens, Leigh Park, denied the charge against him and a further charge of assault by beating. A jury found him not guilty on that count but guilty of actual bodily harm.

Jobless Wright has four previous convictions, including a recent spell in prison for violence.

He landed a single blow on Mr Wearn but Recorder Michael Fitton QC, sitting at Portsmouth Crown Court, said: ‘It seems to me that you were in the lead role for the attack on Anthony Wearn and were the prime cause of him falling in a position where he was prone and liable to further assault.’

To Nichols he said: ‘Mr Wearn was laying on the ground and therefore defenceless.

‘It was a truly unnecessary and gratuitous attack on him in which you used your foot.’

Wright was jailed for nine months and Nichols, who has no previous convictions, was jailed for six months.

PC Lewis Swan, from Havant police, who led the investigation, said: ‘I’m happy with the result.

‘It was an unprovoked, alcohol-fuelled attack and this sends a clear message you will be caught and punished if you do that.’