Victim’s daughter says prison sentence ‘isn’t going to bring him back’

KILLED Andy Greest, on his wedding day
KILLED Andy Greest, on his wedding day
Police car. Pitcure: Jon Rigby

Police catch 10 people texting and driving on Hampshire motorways in just one day

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THE daughter of a man killed by a drink-driver who fell asleep at the wheel has said no punishment can never replace her father.

Steven Anderson, 44, was two-and-a-half times the drink drive limit when he crashed into a car driven by Andy Greest, 55, of Pelham Road in Gosport.

Andy’s 22-year-old daughter Kayleigh told The News Anderson’s seven-year jail sentence should be longer.

She said: ‘It’s longer than I thought because I got told it could be three years or it could be four.

‘He could get 50 years in prison and it still isn’t going to bring my dad back.

‘It’s not going to change anything. He should’ve got longer. It’s not as though he’s just committed a burglary.’

Kayleigh, of Gosport, and her brothers Jon, 25, and Harry, 10, lost the family home after their father died.

She has followed the case with Andy’s other children, Daniel, 18, of Gosport, Shana, 31, of London, and his mum Joyce, 93, of Gosport, along with Andy’s girlfriend Tina and ex-wife Sally. As reported last year, the crash happened on December 15 between junctions eight and nine of the M3.

Winchester Crown Court heard Anderson had been drinking both while on and waiting for a delayed flight from Aberdeen to London.

The North Sea oil rig worker was on his way home to Dorset on leave when he picked up a Vauxhall Insignia hire car after the flight.

But then Anderson fell asleep driving on the M3 when it narrowed to two lanes.

He woke up too late to brake before crashing into Andy’s Vauxhall Vectra.

Andy’s car was pushed down the embankment and flipped over.

Anderson lost control – his car partly went down the embankment but he was uninjured.

He got out his car, spoke to other drivers and a recovery vehicle driver, and went to the other carriageway before he lay down in the undergrowth.

He was found two hours later by a police dog and handler, and an infra-red camera equipped helicopter.

Inspector Richard Parsons, is from Hampshire police’s Joint Operations Unit RPU.

He said: ‘The tragic consequences of this case highlight the dangers of driving while tired and under the influence of alcohol.

‘It should serve as a reminder to members of the public to consider their actions before getting behind the wheel of the car.’

Anderson, of Poole, is banned from driving for 10 years to be followed by an extended re-test.