Victim says Portsmouth sex attacker should have got longer in jail

JAILED Sex attacker Barry Fradgley
JAILED Sex attacker Barry Fradgley
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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THE victim of a man who drugged her before sexually assaulting her says she had hoped he would be given a longer prison sentence.

Barry Fradgley drugged his victim with powerful sleeping pills and tranquillisers before attacking her.

The 44-year-old was jailed for a total of 11 years at Portsmouth Crown Court.

His victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has spoken to The News about what happened to her and has urged other victims of sexual offences to come forward.

She said: ‘The sentence is okay but he could have got a longer sentence for the crimes that he committed.

‘Having to speak in court about what happened to me made me feel sick. I felt scared because I was letting people know my story and letting people in.

‘In police interview and then in the court I had to tell them what happened.

‘I felt a bit degraded by some of the things I was asked by the defence.

‘It was some of the things that his barrister said to try and get him off.

‘He was trying to make it look like I was lying. He kept asking “did that really happen?”.

‘He said no-one will ever know what happened apart from me and him.

‘But everyone knows that he is guilty now.’

Asked how the experience had affected her, she said: ‘It has caused some stress and tension in my relationships with some of the witnesses.

‘But I would say to people, if they have experienced something like this, just tell someone.

‘It’s okay to come forward and to tell someone.

‘I’m glad I came forward. Now everyone knows the things that Fradgley did and what he’s really like.

‘I feel happy knowing that he will be in prison but I will be worried about him coming to get revenge when he is let out.’

Sentencing, Judge Roger Hetherington, said Fradgley’s behaviour was depraved.

He said: ‘There was researching and planning and making copious handwritten notes.

‘You acquired the drugs from the internet. She made a victim impact statement which she read to the court.

‘She feels degraded by what has happened to her and has had a number of difficulties with people because of what happened.

‘I pay tribute to her for the courage that she had shown throughout this case and for her brave and truthful evidence.’

Judge Hetherington went on to describe the defendant’s attempts to blame others for the offences as ‘ludicrous’ and said his evidence showed ‘abject stupidity’.

He added the jury saw through him when finding him guilty of four counts of administering a substance with intent to stupefy or overpower a woman to enable him to engage in sexual activity with her, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, two counts of voyeurism and perverting the course of justice.