Victim in Waterlooville bullying and poisoning case tells court: I was treated as a slave

A MAN with learning difficulties has revealed he was left '˜terrified' after being routinely tortured and beaten by a gang of bullies, a court heard.

Wednesday, 21st March 2018, 6:38 am
Daniel Whelan and Katy Whelan outside Portsmouth Crown Court

The victim suffered a number of brutal and degrading attacks in October 2016 allegedly at the hands of Daniel Whelan, his partner Katy Whelan and Gavin Buckle, who are on trial at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Jurors heard how the man was ganged up on by the defendants and dealt poundings as well as being forced into repulsive acts including drinking urine, vinegar and washing-up liquid.

He told the court he was treated like a ‘prisoner’ and made to carry out disturbing deeds at the Whelans’ Milton Road flat in Waterlooville after they had allowed him to stay there. I was just a trick to them. I didn’t have a choice, I had to do the dares,’ he said. ‘I was scared and terrified.

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‘I was treated as a slave.’

The victim said all three played their part in the mental and physical abuse he was dealt.

The court was played footage of his police interviews where he spoke of the brutal misery he was forced to endure.

‘They gathered round me before Gav punched me and kneed me. Then Dan punched me in my bad eye before Katy punched and kicked me when I was on the floor,’ he said.

‘They made me drink Dan’s urine with Gav’s pubic hairs and washing-up liquid in it. It was my punishment.

‘It was mainly Dan and Gavin who would hit and punch me,’ he said. ‘When I was late back from Co-op I got a beating from Gavin. He gave me a choice on what fist I wanted to be punched by.’

When bleeding on the carpet after one attack, the Whelans charged him for the mess he had made.

‘They threw chilli powder and bleach at my eyes. It really hurt. I couldn’t open my eyes. They would make me sleep on the floor,’ he said.

Speaking of another attack, the victim said: ‘Gavin said he had four machetes. He said he would hunt down my family and burn us all until we were dead.’

The man said he was also ‘shamed’ when made to strip and dance before pictures and a video – posted on Facebook – were taken.

Group member Nigel Ives, 28, of Chaucer Close, Waterlooville, was also involved in the punishing beatings and torture and pleaded guilty to assault, threatening to kill and harassment at an earlier hearing.

Buckle, 30, of Chandlers Close, Isle of Wight and Daniel Whelan, 25, deny administering poison and causing fear of violence. Buckle, who has admitted assault, also denies making a threat to kill. Daniel Whelan denies assault.

Katy Whelan, 22, denies causing the victim to fear violence.