VIDEO: Armed siege in Southsea street ends after six hours

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A man who was flinging tiles from a roof to the street below was arrested following a six-hour armed siege in Southsea.

Police arrested the 19-year-old man on suspicion of common assault, criminal damage and affray at a house in Esslemont Road about 5.15pm.

Esslemont road brick thrower pic 1

Esslemont road brick thrower pic 1

The man had earlier been on the roof of the house, apparently throwing roofing tiles at police.

The road was cordoned off and police negotiators and the man’s lawyer were called in and he was eventually persuaded to come down.

Inspector Alex Charge, 37, said: ‘He’s gone into police custody where he’ll be interviewed about the matter.

‘It’s suggested that he has thrown some tiles at some officers who attended.

Police at Esslemont Road

Police at Esslemont Road

‘As part of the negotiation strategy we’ve called his lawyer who’s come down and assisted us to get him through.’

Inspector Charge said no-one was injured in the incident, but some damage to the roof had been done.

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: ‘I saw him throwing stuff off the roof and being generally unreasonable.

‘A couple of police negotiators were there and they had stuff hurled at them.

‘They ended up playing a waiting game, which I think is all you can do.’

Esslemont Road had been shut at the junctions of Jessie Road and Delamere Road, as police dealt with the incident.

A Hampshire police statement said: ‘A 19 year old man has been arrested following an incident in Portsmouth.

‘Police attended an address in Esslemont Road at 11.23am on Wednesday September to effect an arrest.

‘Upon their arrival, a man took to the roof of the property and refused to leave.

‘Police negotiated with the man for several hours, and he eventually left the roof at 5.23 this evening.

‘He has been arrested on suspicion of common assault, criminal damage and affray.’

Police also closed Jessie Road at the junction with Francis Avenue as they drafted in an armed response team, officers with Taser stun guns and a dog unit.

Paul Mould, 46, of Jessie Road, said: ‘I got back an hour ago and saw the road was closed off.

‘I have lived here for 20 years and this has never happened before.

‘I have been told there’s a man on the roof taking off tiles and throwing them at cars and police.’