VIDEO: Fed-up resident sets up CCTV outside his Portsmouth flat and catches man urinating

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A FURIOUS resident fed up of people urinating outside his home has posted CCTV footage of a man caught in the act on YouTube.

Zac Damon took action after spotting the man urinating against the gate outside his ground-floor flat in daylight.

A still from the CCTV

A still from the CCTV

The 34-year-old said the area outside his home in Garfield Road, off Mile End Road in Buckland, Portsmouth, has been targeted for the past six months.

Now he has posted the footage – caught on a CCTV camera he put in after being the victim of a raft of petty crimes – online in the hope of shaming and identifying the culprit.

He was watching TV at about 4pm when he saw the man on the CCTV screen urinating.

Mr Damon, who lives in one of eight flats in the former Air Balloon pub, said: ‘It’s brazen.’

He added: ‘Our CCTV screen happens to be next to the TV.

‘We looked up and saw this guy coming to the gate. We thought there was someone coming to see us. Then he did what he did.

‘We jumped up and went out but by the time we went out he had gone. We couldn’t believe it.’

Mr Damon said other people have been caught on camera urinating outside his gate in recent months, but the footage has not previously been of very good quality.

He said: ‘For six months we have had people on and off doing this.

‘It’s mainly been at night on a Friday or Saturday night and the CCTV has been pretty grainy so we couldn’t do much with it.

‘It was just this one occasion on Sunday.’

He added: ‘We put the CCTV in about two years ago. We had somebody stealing our clothes pegs.

‘It happened over and over again.

‘We had our washing nicked, we had plant pots nicked, we’ve had people come into the yard before and do silly things.’

Mr Damon said he has reported the incident to police and has had a visit from two Police Community Support Officers.

Anyone caught urinating in public in Portsmouth within the view of residents or passengers can be charged with contravening a Portsmouth City Byelaw under section 235 of the Local Government Act 1972.