VIDEO: Thieves raid stock for charity stores across south Hampshire

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THIEVES have stolen hundreds of bags of donations from a charity.

Shocked charity shop workers were horrified when they found a container store at Sue Ryder had been burgled.

Manager Trish Bell at the container used by Sue Ryder in Cowplain which was broken into

Manager Trish Bell at the container used by Sue Ryder in Cowplain which was broken into

The donations, held at the store in London Road, Cowplain, were destined for shops across the south.

Shop manager Trish Bell said: ‘It’s very saddening to think that people would steal from a charity shop at all, but to find that they would go out of their way to break in and steal stock that has been kindly donated is beyond words.

‘It’s very disappointing that anyone would target a charity shop that raises money for care for dying people and their loved ones who are already going through the most difficult time of their lives.

‘Support from the local community has been amazing and we want to thank you all for your kind words.

‘If customers could continue to show support by giving donations to the shop, this will help us to recoup some of the money lost through this horrendous incident.’

The donations are thought to have been worth hundreds of pounds, with enough stock to fill half of the shop, which was not broken into.

The container now needs repairing, while many staff are upset about the incident.

Trish added: ‘Many of our staff are from the local community and give up their time for free to help us raise this money.

‘To see that stolen from us is very upsetting for us all.’

The discovery was made on Tuesday morning when staff went to open up.

Ward councillor David Keast said the theft was despicable.

‘It’s a pretty low thing to do, I would hope that they could be caught and punished, it’s a dreadful thing to do,’ Cllr Keast said.

‘People don’t give in good faith for somebody to do that and the money not to go where it should is pretty dreadful.

‘Anybody that steal from charity is totally despicable.’

A Hampshire police spokesman said no-one had been arrested.

Police were told clothes were among the items stolen.

Anyone with information about the burglary, which happened between 5pm on Monday and 8.45am on Tuesday, should call police on 101 quoting 44170067158.