Villagers stop driver from escaping police after bollard crash in Stubbington

The crashed car in Stubbington
The crashed car in Stubbington
  • Villagers help the police after a man crashed into a bollard
  • Instead of helping him move his car, they called the police and directed them when he ran off
  • Police arrested the man after finding him in a pub
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RESIDENTS in a village got together to call police when a driver crashed into a bollard.

People in Stubbington watched in horror as a black car crashed off Stubbington Green on Saturday.

As he went around the corner, he bumped up the pavement and crashed into a bollard.

Paul Siden

But instead of looking on and doing nothing, they called police and kept an eagle eye on the driver who tried to get the car moving again.

As police sirens sounded in the distance, the hapless driver dashed off to the Red Lion pub to hide.

But onlookers pointed police in the right direction and the man was arrested.

Hampshire police arrested a 33-year-old man from Gosport on suspicion of driving while disqualified, driving while unfit through drugs and possession of class A drugs.

He was bailed until September 24 pending further enquiries.

Resident Paul Siden told The News: ‘The man was driving around a corner and seemed to be on his phone.

‘As he went around the corner, he bumped up the pavement and kept going until he crashed into a bollard.

‘There were two elderly people on the pavement and if it wasn’t for the bollard, which has been recently installed thanks to our councillor Chris Wood, he would have hit them.

‘The bollard got wedged underneath his car and must have hit the engine and the fan belt because smoke started coming out under the bonnet and it smelt of burnt rubber.’

Mr Siden added that the man was shouting for people standing near the car to help him get the engine started or move the car off the bollard.

‘He was ranting and raving but no-one helped him,’ he said.

‘It was quite clear he didn’t want to be there.

‘You could tell he was trying to get away because he kept frantically trying the engine.

‘It was then that the villagers notified the police, who took about 10 minutes to get there.

‘He did a runner when he heard the sirens, but one of the local chaps saw him go into the Red Lion pub.

‘When police went to drive past, he stopped and told them.

‘The police went inside and found him in the gentlemen’s toilet.’

Mr Siden said he was pleased that the villagers, old and young, came together to help the police and stop the man from getting away.

The incident happened at around 12.20pm on Saturday.

Anyone with information should call police on 44150255910.