Volunteers take aim at Gosport speeders with new kit

WATCHING From left, Maria Jolliffe, John Beavis, Jeff Patrick, Chris Laycock, and PC Peter Hunns
WATCHING From left, Maria Jolliffe, John Beavis, Jeff Patrick, Chris Laycock, and PC Peter Hunns
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DRIVERS in Gosport are being reminded to keep to the speed limit as civic-minded residents take to the streets.

Members of the newly-formed Gosport Speedwatch group will be out with an electronic sign that tells drivers how fast they are going.

Anyone caught breaking the speed limit will be reported to the police and then sent a warning letter.

Councillor John Beavis is the mayor of Gosport and chairman of Gosport’s Community Safety Partnership, and said residents had come together to target certain areas.

He said: ‘It’s people in the community in areas where there tends to be speeding and rat-runs.

‘They get together and set up the Speedwatch.

‘It’s not about snooping on their neighbours, it’s about community safety.’

Roads under the spotlight include Military Road and The Crossways in Gosport.

Portsmouth Road and Milvil Road in Lee-on-the-Solent are now also under the group’s scrutiny.

The inaugural watch on Thursday last week saw the team visit Rowner Road – with 300 drivers dutifully keeping to the speed limit.

Maria Jolliffe is the extended police family co-ordinator at Fareham police station.

She said: ‘It was a successful morning.

‘We didn’t catch anyone going over the limit there, which is the object of Speedwatch.

‘We need more volunteers to come forward.

‘We’re hoping to get little pools of volunteers from each area of Gosport so they don’t have to travel all over the place.’

Already enlisted are Gosport residents, now volunteer co-ordinators, Chris Laycock and Jeff Patrick.

Gosport Borough Council has funded the equipment.

It comes as a group of residents set up Fratton Speedwatch in December last year.

Volunteers are recruited by the police and vetted before they become police support volunteers.

Any travel costs are reimbursed.

A scheme can cost up to £3,000 to set up, with funding sought from local bodies.

To get involved, contact Hampshire police on road.policing.management@hampshire.pnn.police.uk for more information.