Vulnerable couple targeted by drug addict conwoman

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A DRUG addict who tricked her way into the home of a couple with learning difficulties and stole from them has been jailed.

Jolene Johnson targeted Michael Jones, 69, and Ann Vincent, 65, who live in accommodation for vulnerable people, because she thought she could get away with it.

The 32-year-old befriended the pair and would often call on them at their home in New Road, Copnor, to borrow money.

After gaining their trust she knocked on their door and told them she needed to change her underwear.

Miss Vincent let Johnson use their bedroom but once inside she searched the room and stole a bank card.

CCTV showed her leaving the flat and she was later arrested.

Nicola Fleck, defending, said Johnson had taken steps to address her drug problem since her arrest.

‘There’s a real turning point,’ she said.

‘She has shown a real willingness to engage.’

Ms Fleck added: ‘She is aware of the effect of her offending on the victims.’

Johnson, of Kingston Road, Portsmouth, pleaded guilty to theft.

The court heard the card was later used to withdraw £5 from their account but Johnson claimed that was done by someone else.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard she has a long history of offending, with 66 convictions, including 28 for theft.

Jailing her for six months Judge Roger Hetherington said: ‘You inveigled your way into premises which were occupied, as you knew, by vulnerable adults with learning difficulties, who you had got to know and borrowed money from it seems on previous occasions.

‘Then under the pretext that you needed to change an item of your underwear you got into one of the bedrooms and there you stole a bank card which was subsequently used to withdraw money.

‘That was a very mean offence committed against people who were vulnerable.

‘You have deliberately targeted them in order to get into their accommodation to steal from them.

‘That, I am afraid, is a very serious matter.’

He added: ‘You are someone with a quite dreadful record for dishonesty.’

Nicki Youern, from the You Trust, which was providing care and support for the couple, said: ‘We welcome the decision of the court to impose a prison sentence for the abuse of a very vulnerable couple.

‘We were pleased that we were able to support and safeguard Mr Jones and Miss Vincent to identify that they had been victims of crime and to take this forward through the police.’