Walk will be held in support of Portsmouth stab victims

Police search woods in Hilsea Lines, Portsmouth, where a woman was stabbed
Police search woods in Hilsea Lines, Portsmouth, where a woman was stabbed

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A WALK in support of the victims of two violent stabbings in Portsmouth will be held on Saturday.

Dozens of residents are expected to turn up for the stroll around Hilsea to show that women should feel safe and not be subjected to violence when they are out.

Walkers will meet at the end of Peronne Road at 11am and walk eastwards towards the railway bridge before heading back.

The event will give people the opportunity to talk about the incidents and anyone is welcome to go along and show their support.

It comes after a 45-year-old dog walker needed hospital treatment after she was stabbed in the chest on a footpath running along the Ports Creek shoreline in Hilsea at about 11.20am on Sunday. The attacker fled the scene and she has since been discharged.

A 20-year-old woman also received a chest injury during an assault as she walked in Southampton Road, Wymering, opposite a block of flats at about 10.40pm on June 20.

Frances Vigay, 43, of Fratton, has arranged the walk as she is a dog walker and regularly goes to the area where the Hilsea attack happened.

She said: ‘When incidents like this happen, apart from being terrible for the women involved, it also has an impact on many other women and increases fear of walking alone or in less busy places.

‘Women often get people telling them not to go out alone, or at night.

‘However, it’s vital that women can feel the freedom to walk where they wish to, and alone if they wish, without feeling they may be attacked or need someone with them, especially in the middle of the day.

‘I frequently walk my dog at Hilsea Lines and other wilder places like this where my dog can run.’

Anyone with information about the incidents should call 101 quoting Operation Bedham or e-mail operation.bedham@hampshire.pnn.police.uk