Warning about con artists knocking on doors selling pictures of cats

  • Pair have been targeting houses in the Fareham area
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PEOPLE are being warned of a bogus doorstep trader who cold-calls homes trying to sell pictures of cats.

People say they have been left frightened and perturbed by the caller, who is sometimes accompanied by a woman, after he has called at houses in Locks Heath and Sarisbury Green.

Pensioner Lynne Downie, of St Simon Close, said the pair came knocking at her door, despite her displaying a ‘no cold-callers’ sign in her window.

She said: ‘I had a knock on the front door and when I opened it there was a lad there trying to call me and signal to me. It was very odd.’

May Street, also of St Simon Close, said the same thing happened to her.

She said: ‘I firmly said that I do not buy anything on the doorstep and shut the door on them.’

If you have someone similar knocking on your door, do not part with any money.

Council leader Sean Woodward

The pair said they had heard reports from friends and the neighbourhood watch that the scammers had also been calling along Daisy Lane.

They said the pictures were photocopies and not original artwork, as the pair claimed on the doorstep.

Michael Hill, of Barnwood Road, said the same thing happened to him.

He said: ‘It’s important that people know these things. It could be worrying for an elderly lady by herself.

‘I had a visit from a lad in his 20s saying he was deaf and dumb.

‘He put on a good act, but I told him no.’

Fareham Borough Council issued a warning to residents to avoid buying anything on the doorstep.

One resident, who did not want to be named, reported the scam to the council after buying a drawing from the young woman.

They said the women held up a notice saying that she was deaf and could not work and that the cash would be used to fund her education.

Council leader Sean Woodward said: ‘This is a widespread scam which has been perpetrated for a number of years across the country and abroad, with people paying between £10 and £20 for each piece of art which is worth much less.’

He added: ‘If you have someone similar knocking on your door, do not part with any money.

‘Instead report it to the national Action Fraud hotline by ringing 0300 123 2040.’