Warning as bank details stolen by cashpoint crooks

FRAUDSTERS Picture supplied by police in Gosport of two people wanted for putting skimming devices into cash machines at Asda
FRAUDSTERS Picture supplied by police in Gosport of two people wanted for putting skimming devices into cash machines at Asda
Police in Middle Street, Portsmouth, over the weekend.

Man arrested for attempted murder after Portsmouth incident released

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HUNDREDS of bank details could have been stolen by gangs who plan to sell them on in a card scam, police warn.

They say criminals may be hoarding vital information skimmed at cashpoints and using it to produce new cards which may even be sold abroad.

Banks are also on alert amid fears scammers who targeted two machines in Gosport in a four-day period may have struck elsewhere in Hampshire.

PC David Lynn, from Gosport Town Team, said: ‘With card skimming it can take months before a card is produced.

‘They skim to get the details, put them into a computer, then it has to be processed and the card has to be produced.

‘There is a possibility, if the wind has got up them, they have scrapped all of the details that they got from these machines.

‘But if they are not going to use the cards, they are going to sell the cards on illegally. It could even be abroad.

‘Then, that person can either use that card to withdraw money or buy goods.

‘It seems to be people coming in from outside the area.

‘There is every possibility they are doing it over a wider area within Hampshire.’

One device was found at the Natwest ATM in Asda in Dock Road, Gosport, and evidence was found that another had been attached to a cashpoint at Morrisons in Walpole Road between April 24 and 28.

CCTV captured two people fiddling at the cashpoint at Asda in Gosport in the early hours of the morning.

Police say they have made every effort to track down the crooks responsible but they are still at large.

Now PC Lynn is urging the public to be on guard while using cashpoints across the area in case the criminals have struck elsewhere.

He added: ‘Often they install a camera that looks down.

‘Then they not only have the data from the card but the number that gets put in on the key pad.

‘It’s very, very difficult to spot.

‘They will normally force out the fascia fitting that’s there and fit their own which is identical so you wouldn’t be any the wiser.

‘It’s a self-contained unit that’s got a chip attached to it.

‘Then every time the device goes over it, it takes the details off the chip and stores it on the memory card before it goes into the machine. It could be hundreds of details.’

Anyone with information or who notices anything suspicious at a cashpoint is asked to call police on 101.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.