Warning as spate of thefts by conmen

Man damaged phone cables

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POLICE are issuing an urgent warning about a current crimewave in which phone callers posing as police officers or bank staff ask for bank and card details.

Within a 36-hour period this week, Sussex police dealt with nine cases.

On three occasions, money was obtained. Three separate victims were defrauded of almost £4,500 in total.

Sussex police has dealt with 24 offences since last August in which the fraudsters have got away with more than £150,000.

Detective Chief Inspector Ali Eaton said: ‘Under no circumstances would the police or your bank request your PIN number over the telephone or arrange collection of your bank cards from your home address in this manner.

‘Never give out your bank details to someone who has contacted you on your home phone unsolicited. If you have any suspicions please do not use the phone you have just been called on to contact the police or your bank. If possible use another phone to contact the police to report it, or to contact a friend or relative to alert them.’

Det Insp Eaton said although there were 24 cases where money was stolen, there were 107 cases in which the thieves achieved nothing.