Warning from driver after lucky escape

Police have also increased patrols in the town centre

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MOTORIST Jack Weller has warned youths to think twice before throwing stones on to vehicles from bridges.

The 68-year-old was travelling along the A27 eastbound near Emsworth when a stone was hurled from a bridge on to the windscreen of his van.

Fortunately the stone only cracked the glass.

Speaking to The News following the incident last Saturday, Mr Weller, from Selsey, said: ‘I saw two children on the bridge.

‘One was bigger than the other and I saw him pick his arm up and throw. Then suddenly there was a big bang on the windscreen.

‘It was like a gun going off.’

Mr Weller, who sells seafood and was travelling back from a market in Maidenhead, said he was mentally prepared for the worst as his windscreen had smashed before when a pheasant hit his car.

He added: ‘I want to try and stop this happening to anybody else.

‘It could go from being a stone to a brick and someone is going to get really hurt.

‘They start with little ones and go on to big ones to find out what the reaction is.

‘If the stone had come through, it could have done me a lot of damage. They could end up killing someone.’