Warning over stalking in awareness campaign

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A VICTIM of stalking had a listening device installed into a mobile phone charger, police have revealed.

The shocking case came to light when the victim attended a clinic set up by Hampshire police and charity Aurora New Dawn to tackle the crime.

Victims and perpetrators can attend to get help.

It comes as part of a national awareness campaign police are warning stalking takes many forms.

Detective Chief Inspector Tim Rowlandson said: ‘Stalking doesn’t just have to mean someone sitting in a car outside your house.

‘With the ever-changing range of social media systems available to everyone, stalking can come in many different forms.

‘Cyber-stalking is something often in the media and is something we’re really alive to. I’d like people to really think about what information they put online about themselves.’

Dr David Morton, a psychiatrist with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, said: ‘Evidence shows that victims of stalking, and stalkers themselves, are at a higher risk of developing mental health problems.

‘It’s important for people concerned about stalking to seek support at an early stage.’

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