Warning to motorbike riders over crackdown

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MORE than 100 motorcyclists have been stopped by police in a crackdown.

Of the 138 stopped, 53 had committed an offence. Five were involved in crashes.

Hampshire police carried out the crackdown as part of the National Police Chiefs’ Council campaign between August 31 and September 5.

Road Safety Officer, Sergeant Rob Heard, said: ‘This campaign week was a useful opportunity to remind 
riders that they should be as visible as possible on the road users, and riding in an appropriate way to the road and weather conditions, particularly as summer moves into autumn.’

He added: ‘Nearly half the motorcyclists stopped during the week had not committed any offences and were riding safely. They were stopped and updated on current courses and schemes available to them.’

He added: ‘All of us have a responsibility to “Think Bike” because many collisions with motorcycles can happen at junctions.’

The majority of riders were stopped on urban roads.

Of the 53 stopped, 78 per cent were given a verbal warning, 20 per cent a fixed penalty 
or were sent on a referral course. Two per cent were reported for summons in court.