Warning to women not to accept lifts

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A WOMAN has spoken out after a man hassled her and tried to make her get into his car.

Lindsey Bradbury, 36, was walking along London Road in North End, Portsmouth, at 9.30am on Sunday morning when a man pulled up beside her in a silver Ford Focus and repeatedly asked her to get into his car.

STRANGER Lindsey Bradbury, 36, was approached in by a man in a silver car and was encouraged to get in

STRANGER Lindsey Bradbury, 36, was approached in by a man in a silver car and was encouraged to get in

When she told him to leave her alone, he pulled up outside the Post Office and continued to shout at her out of his window.

Now, the married office worker wants to warn of the dangers of accepting lifts from strangers.

Lindsey said: ‘I was walking along a busy road, in broad daylight, wearing just a normal top and leggings, nothing special, and this man pulled over in his car. When I stopped, I stayed well back, and he said “come on, get in the car”, that’s when I walked away. He then carried on and parked up, still shouting out of his window.

‘I don’t know who he was or what his motive was, but either way, I’m glad I didn’t get in.

‘If I was a teenage girl I might’ve got into his car and who knows what could’ve happened. I want to warn other women to be careful of this creep.’

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘Officers are making enquiries to establish the driver’s identity so he can be spoken to about his behaviour.

‘We would like to praise the woman’s actions in this case. She acted correctly by remaining calm, declining the man’s invitation clearly and firmly, and reporting the matter promptly.

‘Police would like to remind people to always think about their personal safety when approached by a stranger in a vehicle. Be alert, not alarmed, and challenge the motives of someone you do not know if they offer you a lift in suspicious circumstances.’

Report suspicious behaviour to the police on 101.