WATCH: Award-winning PC fires Taser at 'dangerous' man who stabbed two police officers

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OFFICERS have been awarded for stopping an armed and dangerous man who stabbed two police officers.

Hampshire police said two PCs raced to a home but were 'confronted with a man wielding a large butcher’s knife'.

Police Taser incident Farnborough

Police Taser incident Farnborough

The man stabbed PC Jack Alexander and PC Mark Allison, in the hand and shoulder, in the incident in Farnborough.

A Hampshire police spokeswoman said: 'No one should ever have to go to work and see their colleagues violently attacked but sadly this was the reality for our officers in Farnborough last July.

'Having been deployed to an address to protect those inside, PC Allison and PC Alexander were confronted with a man wielding a large butcher’s knife.

'Within seconds the man had stabbed PC Allison in the shoulder and PC Alexander in the hand.

'However, despite the severity of their injuries these two officers did not retreat, they stood firm and did what they could to restrain and disarm the man, knowing the danger he posed to others if he had got away.

'While most would be frozen by shock and terror, PC Garland reacted immediately to pull another colleague out of the reach of the knifeman.

'He then drew his Taser and stopped the attacker as he was stood, knife raised, over another officer.

'There is no doubt that the courageous actions of these officers prevented anyone else getting hurt and ensured the man responsible was jailed.

'Congratulations to PC Jon Garland, PC Jack Alexander and PC Mark Allison.'

The man has since been jailed.