Watch CCTV of woman tearing Zippy toy off van in Portsmouth

  • Treasured toy Zippy ripped from man’s van
  • Owner wants apology from mystery woman
  • Toy recovered but now under lock and key
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STROLLING down the street, they look like any other couple.

But then the woman spots a Zippy toy from 1980s children’s classic Rainbow on the front of a van.

She darts across and tears it off, only to throw in on the floor and walk off.

Now furious Wayne Osborne, Zippy’s owner, wants an apology.

The 26-year-old’s security cameras recorded Zippy being ripped from his Peugeot Partner work van late at night.

Wayne, of Copnor Road, Hilsea, has had Zippy on his van for three years with no problem – until Friday night.

Self-employed dry liner Wayne said: ‘It’s like she’s angry.

‘It’s annoying – it would be nice to find the person and name and shame her.

‘It’s not a decent thing to do. It’s disgusting really.

‘She must have been on a night out with a mate and drinking.

I just want an apology, just a sorry and her to explain why she did it

Wayne Osborne

‘I just want an apology, just a sorry and her to explain why she did it.’

The incident happened at around 11.50pm and was discovered the next day.

Wayne uploaded the footage to Facebook in a bid to track down the woman but no-one has come forward.

Dad-of-five Wayne added: ‘I looked at the CCTV a few times and I couldn’t make out why she did it.

‘It was on quite tight, she could’ve broken the grill. She couldn’t do it with one hand, grabbed it and stormed off.’

The woman can be seen dropping the toy shortly after taking it.

Wayne has Zippy secure in his home after his son James, 13, spotted the toy on Saturday morning.

Wayne added: ‘When I went out the next day it was on the floor.

‘Some would say its sentimental – an old mate of mine gave me it and for years we were mates.

‘We’re not on talking terms anymore but I never took it off because deep down we’re still mates.’

Zippy, who has a zip for a mouth, made his debut on Rainbow in 1972.

He was voiced by Peter Hawkins and then by Roy Skelton from 1973 to 

Wayne has not reported it to the police, adding: ‘There was no damage to the van, if there was I would have called the police.’

But he added he fears the woman could strike again.

He said: ‘If she gets away with it now, what’s going to be next?’