WATCH: Developer is set to buy derelict Portsmouth site which is a magnet for nuisance behaviour

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A PROPERTY group is in the process of buying a derelict military base that has been the centre of anti-social behaviour.

At a meeting for residents to discuss the issue of youths breaking in to Fraser Range in Eastney, chief executive officer of National Regional Property Group, Shaun Adams revealed plans for ‘residential development’ for the site.

The old radar station at Fraser Range, Eastney Picture: Shaun Roster

The old radar station at Fraser Range, Eastney Picture: Shaun Roster

Mr Adams said: ‘We are looking at various opportunities for the site including residential development and will be working on the flood defences.’

The property developer, who previously served at Fraser Range when it was a naval gunnery school and radar test centre, explained the development could include food and drink outlets and paths to the beach with have public access.

It comes after a number of incidents of anti-social behaviour including teenagers breaking through the fence, accessing the buildings and deliberately starting fires.

Last night Cockleshell Naval Community Centre was filled with residents who heard from Sgt Janine Sanger about what the police have been doing about the problem.

Residents at the meeting about Fraser Range problems

Residents at the meeting about Fraser Range problems

During the meeting, Sgt Sanger explained: ‘We are on it and every time we get a call we go there very quickly.’

Police told locals the site now has a security guard who has fixed the fence, monitors CCTV and patrols regularly with two dogs.

Resident Sarah Shreeve, 30, said: ‘I think it is lovely that police and councillors are here for 
the community and it is really positive.

‘I hope with the development plans, they will give us the opportunity to have a voice.’

Tracey McClure from the Eastney Community Centre organised the meeting and she said: ‘I called it because when I have been talking to residents the same topic has been coming up again and again of anti-social behaviour.’

Mr Adams explained the company was looking to keep the security guard on after it purchases the site and he said: ‘I share many of your concerns.’

However, one resident who wished to remain anonymous believes the meeting was ‘a waste of time’ and ‘it was too late.’

Another resident added: ‘There are more anti-social behaviour problems than there has been and it’s lots of young people who are just bored.

‘It is good to have held the meeting and the police now have the understanding of the problem.’

National Regional Property Group is expecting to complete the purchase within the next few weeks.