WATCH: Drivers caught out by police using phones at the wheel

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This video shows the moments police spotted and caught out motorists for putting peoples’ lives at risk.

Drivers have been stopped for using their mobile phones, shaving, and even eating a bowl of cereal.

Credit: Hampshire Constabulary

Credit: Hampshire Constabulary

The three people in our video, released by Hampshire Police, were stopped as part a recent police crackdown which saw 151 drivers caught.

Road safety officers from Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police used an unmarked HGV from Highways England, as well as unmarked police cars and motorbikes as part of Operation Tramline.

Out of the 151 drivers caught, 137 were found to be using their mobile phone, with many using it below the steering wheel to try and hide what they were doing.

Police have launched repeated crackdowns on drivers using phones at the wheel after lorry driver Tomasz Kroker killed a mother and three children on the A34.