WATCH: M27 driver high on drugs led police on 115mph chase before crashing new BMW

A banned driver high on cannabis led police on a 115mph nine-mile chase on a busy motorway in his new £55,000 BMW, a court heard.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 5:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 4:07 am
Andrew Brent and the crashed BMW after the 115 mph chase on the M27

Andrew Brent swerved across the road forcing other motorists to slam on their brakes as he tried to escape the unmarked car, before crashing into the back of another vehicle.

The 31-year-old's black X5 was so new its number plates hadn't been installed, he was driving while disqualified and without insurance and was found to have illegal levels of cannabis in his system, the court was told.

The four-minute high-speed pursuit was captured in a hair-raising police dashcam video that was shown to Portsmouth Crown Court.

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Andrew Brent and the crashed BMW after the 115 mph chase on the M27

The court heard that the father of three's SUV was spotted by the unmarked car when he joined the eastbound M27 at Fareham on January 2 this year.

After driving both in front and behind the three litre-engined BMW to confirm it didn't have any number plates, the police signalled for Brent to pull over - but the dashcam footage shows him accelerate away from the officers in his new car, which has a top speed of 150mph.

The self-employed fencing contractor from Havant reached 115mph, dodging between lanes and forcing other motorists to slam on their brakes as he forced his way in front of them.

He moved across to leave the motorway and head towards Cosham before quickly changing his mind and darting back onto the three-lane carriageway.

A still from the dashcam footage Picture: CPS/Solent News

Roadworks between the M27 and A27 at Portsmouth forced a temporary 50mph speed limit, which Brent ignored and charged through at 65mph.

After continuing the nine-mile pursuit onto the A27 towards Havant, the police car lost view of Brent, increasing up to 115mph to try and catch up to him.

The four minute pursuit came to a halt when police found the Brent's BMW smashed into the rear of another vehicle on Bedhampton slip road - the collision was so strong that it forced the vehicle into two other motorists - causing £10,000 worth of damage.

Brent admitted dangerous driving, driving while under the intoxication of drugs, driving while disqualified and without insurance.

Prosecuting, Nicholas Hall said: '˜On January 2 he tried to evade the police on a busy motorway at 4pm - not long before rush hour.

'˜He can be seen on the dashcam footage driving recklessly and forcing other vehicles to brake abruptly.

'˜He was found to have 3.2 milligrams of cannabis in his system - when the limit is two.

'˜Although the police did not see him lose control of the vehicle, he must have collided with the car with considerable force as it shunted the vehicle into two others in front.

'˜The car he collided into was written off and the driver suffered from a broken nose and required surgery to treat it.

'˜Insurance claims from other drivers involved add up to £10,000 of damages to their vehicles."

'˜He bought the BMW and drove it along the motorway while disqualified, having been banned for a year last April for driving with cocaine in his system.'

Mitigating, Robert Harding noted he was a father of three and 'provided for his family'.

He said: '˜It is very clear he was regretful from the minute this incident happened.

'˜When police officers advised him to pull over he panicked.

'˜He has been kept in custody for a month since his last hearing, and has missed his daughters' first birthday - which is a huge miss.

'˜He has told his eldest son he is working away so this whole incident does not affect him - they call each other every day.

'˜Despite everything he does not look for sympathy, but instead continues to try to be the best father he can be.'

Judge William Ashworth said it was 'impossible' to give Brent another suspended sentence, and sentenced him to 16 months behind bars as well as banning him from driving for 44 months.

He said: "You are 31 years old and were disqualified from driving.

'˜You purchased a new vehicle and drove it on the motorway without insurance and while you were disqualified, which already would have landed you in trouble.

'˜When police officers instructed you to pull over you decided to speed away - it may not have been rush hour, but it is still a busy commuters route.

'˜The dashcam speedometer in the police car clearly shows that the pursuit exceeds 90, 100 and even 115mph when they lose sight of you.

'˜You had crashed into the back of a vehicle so hard that it effected two other vehicles.

'˜You have been disqualified before for driving with drugs in your system and you have done it again - taking all of the factors into consideration it is impossible to find the reasoning to give you a suspended sentence.'