Waterlooville man, 20, took his own life in woodland

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THE sister of a young man who hanged himself told an inquest how tragedy shaped his life.

Jason Phillips was found in woodland close to his home in Woodsedge, Waterlooville, in December.

His older sister Colleen Noone, who the 20-year-old had lived with since he was 14, told coroner David Horsley at Portsmouth Guildhall, how the death of his father affected him deeply.

A statement from his doctor revealed he made a previous suicide attempt aged 15 which his doctor put down to his father’s death in a work accident, and that of his uncle in a charity bungee jump.

Miss Noone said: ‘He constantly thought about his dad, he always spoke about him.

He was concerned that he had no memories of him when everyone else did.’

Miss Noone called police on December 7, 2011, after her son found a note indicating Mr Phillips was going to take his own life and he did not show up for work.

Police searched the nearby woodland and he was found within a few hours.

The inquest heard Mr Phillips had been happier in recent months because he had secured a part-time job.

But the day before he died he had been to court where he received a £200 fine.

Miss Noone said he was upset that he would no longer have been able to buy her children Christmas presents he’d promised them.

Messages were also found in his Facebook account from girls teasing him about his red hair. In one message he said he had considered taking his own life.

Mr Horsley said: ‘I don’t think I can reach any other conclusion other than Jason has taken his own life.’