Waterlooville man jailed after knife-point attack on woman victim

JAILED Simon Stoner
JAILED Simon Stoner
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A RAPIST who forced a woman at knife-point to perform a sex act has been jailed.

Simon Stoner sent text messages to his victim asking for sex after drinking in a pub for three hours.

But when he saw her hours later he brandished a bread knife at the woman, Portsmouth Crown Court heard.

The 31-year-old let his victim go when he was disturbed by someone at the door of the property they were in – five seconds after he started his assault.

Sentencing Stoner to four-and-a-half years in jail, Judge Sarah Munro QC said: ‘You were far more affected by drink than you were prepared to admit.

‘You sent her a number of text messages.

‘When she did respond you asked for sex that night. She didn’t respond.

‘You knew that no response was as good as a no. You tried it on with her and she rebuffed you.’

The court heard the pair had argued before Stoner became even more aggressive and forced his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to do the act.

Judge Munro added: ‘The police were called and it suffices to say you were thoroughly aggressive and unpleasant.’

Prosecutor Martyn Booth said of the victim: ‘The impact has been significant.’

Judge Munro added that in mitigation Stoner’s actions were out of character, it was the first time he forced himself on his victim and the offence lasted a very short period of time.

Hannah Duncan, defending, added: ‘What happened on that day was thankfully brief.

‘It is right to say it was completely out of character.’

She added the shame and the fact the conviction will last the rest of his life also punishes him.

Stoner, of Sparrow Close, Waterlooville, has 14 previous court appearances for 44 offences. They range from arson, burglary criminal damage, taking without consent, possession of cannabis, theft and breaching court orders.

Stoner had denied raping the woman but was found guilty by a jury at trial.