Waterlooville man’s campaign of harassment against ex’s mum

COURT Duncan Adams
COURT Duncan Adams
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A JILTED lover stalked his ex-girlfriend’s mother, calling her in the middle of the night and breaking into her home – because he blamed her for the break-up.

Duncan Adams could not accept that his six year relationship with Harriet Rae was over.

When she moved back in with her mother Patricia in Lugano Close, Waterlooville, Adams began a campaign of harassment.

In a text message he told his ex: ‘I’m going to get your mum back for splitting us up and taking you away from me.’

Throughout October, November and December Adams repeatedly called and texted Patricia in the middle of the night.

She would often leave her house to find her garden flowers had been pulled up and her car tyres were slashed twice.

When she installed a camera on the front of her house it was bent out of position.

Adams got into their garage and left graffiti on the walls, saying: ‘Harriet, why do you hate me? I love you.’

On December 5, the 34-year-old broke into their home and stole a toy dog that had belonged to his ex when she was young and some of her clothes.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard the couple had been drug users but Harriet left him and got clean.

Gaylene Coles, defending, said that since his arrest Adams had gone into detox.

‘He was a heavy user of drink, crack cocaine and heroin,’ she said.

‘His judgment and memory were greatly affected by his heavy use of the drugs.’

She added: ‘Mr Adams was heartbroken when he realised the relationship between him and Harriet was over.

‘He had no way of contacting her so he was hoping to contact her by her mother.

‘He is remorseful about the distress he has caused Harriet and her mother.’

Adams, of Chaffinch Green, Waterlooville, pleaded guilty to harassment and burglary when he appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court.

He also admitted other charges of burglary and receiving stolen goods.

They related to two separate matters of breaking into a shed in Shakespeare Gardens, Waterlooville, and stealing tools and having a stolen mountain bike at his home.

The magistrates released him on bail to be sentenced in February.

As part of his bail conditions he is not allowed to contact his former partner or her mother or go to the street they live in.