Waterlooville murder suspect told: ‘Give up the chase’

WANTED Sean Bailey
WANTED Sean Bailey
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MEMBERS of the community are calling for a murder suspect to hand himself in to police.

Neighbours in Wecock – a tight-knit community that has suddenly become the focus of a manhunt – said 28-year-old Sean Bailey should give up running from police.

CRIME SCENE Flowers are left at the spot of a fatal stabbing in Dove Close, Wecock Farm.  Picture: Ian Hargreaves  (121296-3)

CRIME SCENE Flowers are left at the spot of a fatal stabbing in Dove Close, Wecock Farm. Picture: Ian Hargreaves (121296-3)

The call was backed by Hampshire’s top police officer, Chief Constable Alex Marshall.

It comes as police formally named the victim, Simon Geoffrey Mark Warton, 27, of Orsmond Close, Waterlooville.

As reported yesterday, Mr Warton died after being stabbed in Dove Close following a fight.

It is understood he had been attending a party in nearby Curlew Gardens when an argument broke out shortly after 5am on Thursday.

A post-mortem examination found Mr Warton died of a stab wound, although police are continuing to establish what weapon was used.

A police cordon remained throughout yesterday in Dove Close and parts of Curlew Gardens, with forensic officers focusing on the house that was hosting the party and painstakingly searching through the surrounding gardens and greenery.

The message from neighbours was clear.

Mum Rhonda Anderson, 26, of Dove Close, said: ‘I think he should hand himself in.

‘He’s running scared.

‘It’s hard to try and explain to a four-year-old why they keep waking up with police outside. I don’t feel safe.’

Roger Owen, 53, of Curlew Gardens, said: ‘If he’s got any sense he will hand himself in.’

Another woman, whose son is friends with Mr Bailey, said: ‘He knows the consequences.

‘I know both people. There’s a lot of people’s lives that have been ruined.’

Friends and family of Mr Warton, who were still too distraught to speak to The News, are understood to have driven to the crime scene on Thursday evening.

A 43-year-old woman of Curlew Gardens, who knows the Warton family, said: ‘There were four lads going mad at the police.

‘They were saying the police better find him before they did.

‘You can’t blame his family. They were just heartbroken.

‘His mother has been in absolute pieces. It’s every mother’s worst nightmare.’

She added: ‘I think he should hand himself in. But I don’t think he will.’

Police believe Mr Bailey is still in Hampshire.

Chief Constable Alex Marshall urged anyone with information about Mr Bailey’s whereabouts to dial 999.

Mr Marshall said: ‘I want Sean Bailey to hand himself in as quickly as possible.

‘If anyone else knows where Sean Bailey is they should phone us straight away on 999. He needs to be talking to my detectives today about the recent murder in Waterlooville.

‘If anyone spots Sean Bailey do not approach him.

‘Contact police and we will come and get him.

‘We think he is still in Hampshire and I think we will find him quickly.’

Detectives say they are still establishing how Mr Warton was stabbed.

Neighbours said they heard items being thrown in the street.

Pieces of a wooden chair were lying in the road at the murder scene on Thursday.

Anyone who sees Mr Bailey should not approach him, but dial 999.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact the Operation Malvern team on 101.