We just want to lay him to rest – appeal for watch

David Davies
David Davies

Hampshire police urge residents to ‘ACT’ on terrorism suspicions

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RELATIVES have begged for the return of a late grandfather’s watch after it was stolen while he was in hospital.

The daughter of David Davies, who died earlier this month, has renewed the appeal for the watch, pictured above, to be returned.

Mr Davies, from Birdham, was admitted to St Richard’s Hospital, in Chichester, on August 7 with a serious heart condition and his Rolex, worth £5,000, went missing as doctors tried to resuscitate him.

Laura Davies said: ‘We beg them, whoever has it or knows who has it; we are not on a witch hunt, we just want to lay Dave to rest.

‘It has always been spoken about how he never takes off the watch.

‘He joked once he was going to have the watch welded to his wrist and now we wish he had.

‘I have photos of the first time he held my daughter and he was wearing the watch.’

Anyone with information should call police on 101.